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Perimeter Pest Control In Oklahoma City

With pests invading your outdoor space, it is troublesome to have any enjoyable time. When insects invade your home, it makes things worse. With our professional perimeter pest control application, you can avoid having to deal with pesky bugs on your property. When you arrange for this service with Superior Lawn Solutions, our team will either apply liquid or granular treatments across your lawn and around the perimeter of your house to prevent pests.
It’s unfortunate that pest infestations are so common, because they often stick around for a long time. In order to make them leave, you’ll need to use our perimeter pest control services here at Superior Lawn Solutions. With perimeter pest control, our team can eliminate pests using advanced techniques. From February to December, we provide pest control treatments to keep your property protected all year long. Our applications are every 30 – 45 days to provide you with the best coverage possible so we can eliminate these pests around your home.

Pests we control around your home

Perimeter Pest Control Oklahoma City

With 10+ Years experience dealing with Pests here in Oklahoma City we know the correct products for the common Pest that you are dealing with around your home or property. When we come to your house to apply our treatments, we will spray our insecticide three feet up your exterior walls and three feet out from the base of your home to create a barrier that keeps Pests away. These treatments include spraying all around the perimeter of your home, including around your garage door. Our pest control products are used to create lasting coverage between each visit until we reapply our treatments.

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