Grubs Control Service In Oklahoma City

Grub Control OKC

Grub worms live in the soil eating grass roots and leaving your yard brown and unattractive. Not only can these pests damage the lawn, but their presence also invites unwelcome wildlife (skunks, raccoons, armadillos, moles, birds and other varmints) that feed on the grubs- digging up patches of grass in search of them. If your lawn has not been treated you most likely have them. If you’re dealing with grubs on your property, you need to get your lawn treated and fast. At Superior Lawn Solutions, we offer the most comprehensive grub treatment in the Oklahoma City area. Read on to learn more about our grub control services, and contact our team today!

These larvae can be one of the most damaging insects to your lawn. Unfortunately, the better the turf, the more likely grubs will invade. They feed on the roots of your lawn and can kill large sections in a short period of time. If you have a problem with beetles in early summer and dead patches of grass appear in late summer, you could have grubs. We can treat for the pests, but prevention is best.  

What Are Grubs and Why Should They Be Prevented?

Grubs are the larvae of beetles, commonly found in Oklahoma. Laid 2 to 6 inches in the soil underneath lawns, grubs feed on the nutrients and minerals found in soil and turf roots. Their rampant eating during the fall, winter and spring seasons can lead to massive turf damage and decay. In severe cases, turf can easily be pulled from the ground due to root consumption from grubs.

Oklahoma City Grub Prevention

If you are dealing with grubs in your lawn, Superior Lawn Solutions has your solution. We provide effective grub control and prevention services for lawns in Oklahoma City and the surrounding areas. Let out experienced team of licensed lawn care technicians provide the treatments on your property to ensure your turf and trees are protected from grubs throughout the year.

What grub damage looks like.