Overseeding Services

Overseeding is one of the fastest methods to bring back the thick lawn you once had.

The process of overseeding helps to thicken the lawn by filling in bare sports with newer grass. Fescue is generally the grass well suited to be grown during cool seasons. Bermuda is generally the grass suited for the warm seasons. Fescue overseeding is recommended in the fall seasons because it is a cool season grass type. Bermuda is recommended in the warm season because the soil temps need to be in the 70’s in order for the seed to germinate.

Benefits of Overseeding Lawns

* Improves the appearance of a lawn.

* Fills in the damaged areas affected by stress, insects or pests.

* Thickens the lawn further preventing it from diseases, pest and weeds

* Adds great curb appeal and value to your home.