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Getting a nice green lawn can be a challenge. There are many things to take care of, so combining all of these tips can be overwhelming. After all, you probably have a lot more important things to do. Summer is a busy time of year, and you likely have a lot of other things to attend to. That is why Superior Lawn Solutions is here to help. We want you to enjoy your lawn so we’ll put the work in during your busy work week.

We have multiple programs to fit your lawn care needs & budget. Our programs will consist of weed control & fertilizing services to insure that your lawn not only gets protected from invasive weeds but also gets the correct nutrients to thrive. We use balanced fertilizers that are designed to provide your lawn with all the correct nutrients to thrive here in Oklahoma City, Edmond & the surrounding areas.

Making sure that you are providing your lawn with the correct amount of water is crucial to having a thick green lawn. The best time to water your lawn is early in the morning. The early morning sunlight allows the soil to absorb the water while the grass undergoes photosynthesis. Adding water to the lawn in the middle of the night will result in increased dampness and risk of disease. 

Benefits of our lawn programs

Weeds we control in your lawn

Oklahoma City Weed Control & Fertilization Program

Our weed control & fertilization program in Oklahoma City, Edmond & surrounding areas consists of 8 treatments through out the year. This treatments are applied at the correct times throughout the year to insure your yard can thrive. Listed below will be our full treatment plan and when we apply each treatment.

Round 1 (January – February)


During our pre-spring service we apply pre-emergents to control crabgrass and other annual weeds. We also apply post-emergents to control any broadleaf weeds and grassy weeds.

Round 2 (February – April)

On our early spring service we will re-apply pre-emergent to extend crabgrass and weed control through the summer. We will also re-apply post-emergents to control any broadleaf or grassy weeds including dandelions, chickweeds, henbit, and clover.

Round 3 (April – May)

With our spring service we apply a balanced time-released granular or liquid fertilizer to stimulate spring green-up and root growth. Weed control is also applied if needed. For our customers that want to have the best looking lawns also choose to have aeration and grub control services at the time of their spring service. Once this service is complete it is important to remember to water your lawn consistently.

Round 4 (May – June)

For our early summer service we apply a balanced, time-released granular or liquid fertilizer with high nitrogen to promote a greener and healthier lawn. We also treat for perennial weeds during this service. Watering your lawn consistently after this application is required for best results.

Round 5 (June – July)

Our summer service includes another round of a balanced time-released granular or liquid fertilizer to encourage your lawn to stay lush green and thick during the heat of the summer. During our summer service we will also treat for weeds to ensure that your turf is not competing with weeds for nutrients or water. It is important that your lawn get frequent irrigation during this time of the year.

Round 6 (July – August)

The late summer service is when we apply fertilizer to keep your lawn looking great and help it recover from the heat of the year. With our late summer service we also spray for weeds if needed. Like the other fertilizer rounds it is important to properly irrigate your lawn after the service.

Round 7 (September – October)

Our fall service is the last fertilization treatment for the year. We apply a slow-release granular winterizing fertilizer to promote deep root development that prevents the lawn from having spring dead spots. Weed control is applied for any perennial weeds as needed. We recommend a second round of grub worm control during this service. As with the other fertilization services it is necessary to continue irrigating your lawn after this service.

Round 8 (October – December)

During our late fall service we prepare your lawn for next spring by applying pre-emergents to insure weeds and winter grass weeds resist germination until treatment in the early spring. Although your lawn is dormant this time of year it is important to remember that the turf is still alive and requires water throughout the winter.

Weed Control Near You

With 10+ Years experience dealing with weeds here in Oklahoma City we know the correct products for the weeds that you are dealing with in your lawn. Pre-emergent weed control chemicals are highly effective for preventing weeds from germinating. It is essential to apply pre – emergent application in Oklahoma City and Surrounding areas to help prevent weed infestations, such as dandelions, crabgrass, Henbit and other common weeds here in Oklahoma City. Our programs are design to provide your lawn with the best results to transform your lawn weed free. No matter the size of your property we have trained professionals ready to tackle your lawn care needs.

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